Automation: Gmail, Docs, Sheets and ClickUp API

Description The client needed to work with data from a file sent every 15 minutes by email from a software program on their local machine. The contents in that file needed to update tasks in ClickUp (the project management service they were using). Challenge The client had worked with a previous developer who struggled to […]

Automation: Sheet Data to Hundreds Of Documents

Description The client needed reports created for each employee in the company. These reports needed to contain each employee’s compensation amounts, company health benefits, and vesting shares. Challenge The client had the health benefits, compensation amounts and vesting data split between 3 spreadsheets and in various sheet tab locations. There were 600+ employees who needed […]

Automation: Form to Document Creation

Description The client needed automation for when a customer filled out a form, the customer would receive a folder full of custom documents containing randomized text and email content for their text and email campaigns. Challenge The client had hundreds of lines of text and email content, but it was taking hours to choose the […]