Automation: Sheet Data to Hundreds Of Documents


The client needed reports created for each employee in the company. These reports needed to contain each employee’s compensation amounts, company health benefits, and vesting shares.


The client had the health benefits, compensation amounts and vesting data split between 3 spreadsheets and in various sheet tab locations. There were 600+ employees who needed reports.


We built out a collection of Apps Script Functions to compile all the required data together between the multiple sheets, tabs and formats to create employee specific reports. This solution included management of the Apps Script Function execution time, which is 30 minutes – we were able to easily circumnavigate the limitation to make everything come together.


The client was able to receive 600+ reports created in 1.5 hours of execution time. The function was able to be re-used multiple times to create other batches of reports. With each run of the function, the client saved about 10 minutes per report, a total time savings of 100 hours.