Automation: Form to Document Creation


The client needed automation for when a customer filled out a form, the customer would receive a folder full of custom documents containing randomized text and email content for their text and email campaigns.


The client had hundreds of lines of text and email content, but it was taking hours to choose the content for the customer, copy and paste it into the right document. This process was taking the client’s assistant a lot of tedious time, and he was not able to scale his business.


We created a Form to collect the information from the customer. When it was submitted, this data was passed to a second form for the Client’s internal team to review and clean the responses given by the customer. Once cleaned, this internal, second form was submitted to a Google Sheet that handled the complex and tedious functions like text and email content selection, find/replace functionality, document creation, folder tree organization, and dynamic if/else flow based on specific situations explained by the client.


The client is now able to scale his business and handle the influx of new customers needing his services. For each customer, the client saves an estimated 2 hours of tedious work. His process now takes 5 to 10 minutes.